“They were the band with the girl in it, right?”


“They’re a what? A band? I don’t like music.”


“They sounded ok to me. I don’t really know, I went out for a dart.”


Ever since bursting onto the Toronto indie scene in 2018 with a debut performance at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, The Fluxes have been mentioned by people who’ve been in the vicinity while they’ve been playing. At times 80s dance rock revivalists, at others early-2000s indie punk nostalgists, The Fluxes have never bothered trying to fit the mold of any genre so long as it involves a guitar. Originally born as the next step in singer-songwriter frontman Josh Charbot’s solo project following his 2016 EP A Different Shade Of Blue, The Fluxes quickly blossomed into its own beast with the addition of Amanda Barbosa on bass, Scott Olgard on lead guitar and Graham Mackey on the kit.

A series of rousing shows at reputable Toronto venues such as The Hideout, Adelaide Hall and The Opera House throughout 2018 culminated in the release of their full length debut album, Things I Wish I Said While You Were Standing In Front Of Me on October 26, 2018. Aside from featuring the lengthiest album title in charted history, the record also spawned four singles; No Money, Over You, Your New Man Is A Woman and Lost. The band took the show on the road for a series of dates across Ontario and Quebec in June 2019 before returning to Toronto for some local shows through the summer and fall while deep in the trenches working on their second full length record, due out in 2020.

Stage Plot


Josh Charbot: Guitar and lead vocals. Front stage center, amplifier placed to left of drums. One microphone on boom stand, one instrument microphone, one wedge monitor.
Scott Olgard: Guitar and backing vocals. Front stage right. Amplifier placed to right of drums. One microphone on boom stand, one instrument microphone, one wedge monitor.
Amanda Barbosa: Bass and backing vocals, Front stage left. Amplifier placed far stage left. One microphone on boom stand, one bass amplifier DI/microphone, one wedge monitor.
Graham Mackey: Drums, back center stage. Two rack toms, one floor tom standard drum kit. One kick mic, one snare/hat microphone, 1-2 overhead microphones. Monitor to left.

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